Lavender: For the love of health

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Lavender, the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils, is a staple in this home for one simple reason: IT WORKS FOR PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING!  I really do wish she sold this oil in 8 ounce glass pump containers…because we do use it that much!  Laundry, perfume, pinkeye, blisters, burns, fever, hand sanitizing, mood, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, oral health, hair growth, and ON and ON! It’s even made appearances in Blueberry Cheesecake, and lemon water! But one of our favorite uses this time of year has got to be in the diffuser…but not just straight Lavender, but rather Lavender Thieves Blend!

A blend like Thieves is amazing all on it’s own but it, for me, is a little too…cinnamon smelling when I have a cold (kinda knocks my sense of smell around a bit…like a sugar hyped bully).  But, I KNOW we need to diffuse it in the house and use it on our feet (because it DOES help my family stay well and, if sick, kick the germs to the curb more quickly).  So, again, What’s a country girl to do?  And you know who had the answer?  DUH, ladies, come on…C A M P  W A N D E R!!!!  She always has the best suggestions & life solutions!  I felt like such a dork/loser when I read it too!  I thought, Psh, you add LAVENDER! DUH!  And she’s created Lavender Thieves to help those without the “mixology gene”.

This house is a germy one (a Firefighter/Paramedic + Teacher/Nanny/Tutor + Dog + anyone else who may visit = Germ City)!  So I am constantly diffusing!  So go grab your diffuser and add the following germ-butt-kicking combination:

Luke warm water to the fill line (we love our Zaq Mirage diffuser…it runs for almost 10 full HOURS)

4 Drops Thieves Blend

4 Drops Lavender (or just 8 drops total of Lavender Thieves)

When the Flu strikes (if ever…because we are faithful with our EO regimen and our Plexus supplements, we aren’t plagued by all that garbage like we used to be), we use Lavender and Lavender Thieves on the bottoms of our feet.  When it’s really bad, we add a drop of Melaleuca and a drop of stinky ole Oregano to the mix.  I don’t know WHY, but adding those 2 seems to further speed recovery (in our house) from all ailments that are accompanied by fevers!  I will say that Oregano is NOT a favorite as far as smell profile (yeah, I think it smells like FEET), but it’s one we always have handy “just in case”.  It’s also been known to be anti-parasitic so the floors and counters get a steaming with 3 drops of that plus 5 Lavender in the tank (I have a HAAN steamer with a Carpet Glide attachment…which I use on the mattresses as well).

As I mentioned initially, Lavender also has wonderful uses helping with hair growth, reducing swelling & itching, and helping eliminate fleas.  This household has successfully used Lavender (with 2 very large, very stinky dogs) to combat fleas and the occasional “Oh, mom, I’m a silly puppy and I bit a bee by mistake and I have a swollen face” moment.

I think, by now, it’s obvious that Lavender has a lengthy list of awesome uses.  It’s versatility and affordable price point make it a must have for every home.  BUT, let’s be clear, all EOs are NOT created equal!!  I would feel comfortable ingesting Camp Wander EOs because I know their owner and trust her sourcing (she’s a true stickler for quality).  So, read, research, and DO NOT overpay!  You don’t need super secret rewards programs and wholesale memberships to get the best oils!!

Love Wholly, Speak Softly, Eat Yummily, Laugh Heartily, Hug STRONGLY,
and be comfortable with being YOU!



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