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That's What's UpShew!  Whirlwind!  That’s what the end of July and the beginning of August have been so far!!  God is moving in THE most amazing ways right now and we are just SO thankful!  I am most thankful for a sweet and WONDERFUL friend I had made through Spark Naturals, Amy Sasser!  She shared something life changing with me…and when you find something that changes your life, you don’t keep it to yourself…you share it!

Now, y’all KNOW me. I do NOTHING lightly or without research and agonizing and praying over it. I love NATURAL products with no garbage in them, REAL facts, and products that do what they SAY…like my Essential Oils!  Well, I was recently introduced to a product (actually, a group of products) that has literally changed everything! I had a testimony after only 7 days of use and I NEEDED to share!!

Y’all know I have pretty much been in pain for the last 4 years (almost 5) and it’s gradually become unmanageable. I had been going through testing and doctor visits. I was diagnosed right at 4 weeks ago with Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome. That means I have 3 (or more) Autoimmune diseases all at the same time. Lupus, Celiac, and MS. You can imagine how that diagnosis went over…like a boat paddle to the face! I poured my wretched soul out to the Lord and prepared to wallow in my misery. That’s as far as I’d brought you guys when last I posted.

Well, my friend, Amy, had been reading my posts and my frustrations over feeling like complete garbage, limited number of foods I was allowed to consume, pain, potential medications, and our financial woes from the list of things the doctor wants us to do to our home in order to keep me well.

Amy reached out to me and said “Hey girl, contact me”. I literally had nothing to lose so, I did. She talked to me about some products she uses in addition to her Essential Oils.  She got me set up with a 7 day trial of something called Slim. She told me she thought it could help with a few of my symptoms. Again, Y’all KNOW I am the skeptic to bar all skeptics BUT, I was firmly planted at the bottom of my Barrel of life with NOWHERE to go but up…so I figured I’d indulge her. After all, WHAT could it hurt?
Now, y’all, this is ONE tiny packet of Slim every morning in one of my waters…that’s IT! NOTHING ELSE CHANGED!!!

Day1: (Tues, July 28th): Cleared the morning cobwebs out of my head almost immediately and I didn’t need my second round of Anti inflammatory meds (OTC meds, not prescribed). Ummm, I haven’t been able to FUNCTION without those meds for the last year!! HUGE!I love Slim
Day2: (Wed): Got out of bed more easily…less pain and (again) didn’t have to take second dose of Anti Inflammatory meds
Day3: (Thurs): I was able (for the first time in YEARS) to eat breakfast early in the morning with NO upset tummy and (again) didn’t have to take second dose of Anti Inflammatory meds (also the day I watched the Block Party and signed up for discounts)
Day4: (Friday): NO Anti Inflammatory meds AT ALL this day, increased appetite, NO Diet Coke {I used to have at LEAST 4 16oz or larger PER DAY-I Craved it!}) and weighed that night to find 4 pounds GONE.
Day5:  (Aug 1) Felt SO good, was able to attend a kayak testing with my husband (Had some tears over this because he’s always wanted me to do these activities with him but I’ve not had ANY desire to because of pain and depression and flat out have NOT been able to because of limited movement, exhaustion, etc).
Day6: Went for a 4 mile bike ride after church…hasn’t happened in YEARS.
Day7: (Aug 3): I feel better than I have in probably a decade, lost 6 pounds, my clothes fit better, and ALL I CHANGED was adding one Slim every morning.

I say all of this knowing that if Amy hadn’t reached out, I’d still be chugging Diet Coke, pounding Anti Inflammatory drugs, and be stuck in a bleak little rut. I NEVER expected a little pink drink with vitamins, ALA, and plant extracts to do ANYTHING like this. Our bodies are all unique and they respond in different positive ways to nutrition…for me, it was the missing piece of my puzzle!  **Aug 4 I began Triplex (which is the Slim with 2 other products: Bio Cleanse and ProBio5).  More natural products with Vitamin C, Biflavinoids, and enzymes. HELLO happy gut! Again, improvement beyond my wildest dreams!!!  I kinda have to keep pinching myself!

My Epiphany since beginning Slim & then Triplex:

No more headaches or joint pain
No more mood swings (shut up!)
More energy and no mid-afternoon crash
No more anti inflammatory meds
Ability to eat breakfast at a normal time
No more daily “angry stomach”
No more foot blisters (which I’ve suffered from for about 6 YEARS)
Better sleep
NO soda or junk cravings
Oh, and I’ve lost 10 pounds (total) and my clothes fit better!

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NINE DAYS, people!!!  9, nueve, NINE! Holy flipping health, Batman!!  So, I tell you all this knowing that someone else out there is struggling. I know what that feels like and I would love the opportunity to help!! I want to see people healthy, gain their freedom and lives back, all while God gets glory!!  This company is filled with Christ loving people and I’ve met MANY of them already!!  I’m on this incredible journey and I’d really love to share it with YOU!

If you’re wondering if it’s for you, Check out this video!

I LOVE y’all with my whole heart and I want the absolute BEST for you!  Read, Research, ask questions, and feel free to pick my brain!!!  If I don’t know the answer, I will find out!  And THAT’S what’s up!

In the meantime, Check it out!

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Let me guide you to success

As Always, I Tell you: Go at YOUR pace, comfort level, and EDUCATE yourself!  Don’t take my word for it…do your OWN research and decide what’s best for you and yours!

Love Wholly, Speak Softly, Eat Yummily, Laugh Heartily, Hug STRONGLY, and be comfortable with being YOU!



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