Mean, Clean, and Stress Free!

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Before we start this one off, I want to tell you that you’re a smart cookie and that you CAN DIY this next mixture I’m about to thrust upon you! So, boot-straps UP and get to brewin’!!

You’ve heard me talk many times about a post from Camp Wander regarding something called “DIY Purify” (I believe, originally from Dawn over at  First of all, I am in LOVE with this fresh, herby, clean, and germ fighting mix!  No home should be without it!  Not even you single men can do without this one- your Bachelor pad stink is no match for this!  And, wouldn’t you know, it’s just what my classroom and household needed today as we get ready for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving festivities.  Think of it like a “pallet cleanse” for your house/car/wherever… refreshing, germ smacking, and a superb odor eliminator!

Now, Pause a moment.  I’m a stress carrier.  I am a “never let em see you sweat” kinda girl and I bury my stress DEEP.  I tote that trunk AROUND!  That can get to you after a while!  SOOOOO, I rely a great deal on the de-stressing properties in many of my Essential Oils and EO Blends!!  Like that Frozen chick says “Let it GOOOO”!  Heh!  We will NEVER be without a diffuser for this very reason!  And our favorite anti-stress, relaxation, “I Am Enough”, “I Am Lovable and Capable” Essential Oil: Frankincense!  You’re wondering: what in the HECK has that got to do with “DIY Purify”?!  SO glad you asked!!

You know me & my little “MacGyver Mixology” couldn’t go too long without combining these two powerhouses!  I just cannot control myself!  Super glad I didn’t!!  “DIY Purify” + Frankincense = Clean, refreshing air and grounding, de-stressing undertones!  It’s Deodorant, DIY Room de-stinker, Calming, refreshing, and you can EVEN use it in your wash powder or as a competent of Cloth diaper stripper!!  I also know for a fact that it helps with car funk.  Don’t you look at me like that…you know very well that those 33 rotting french fries, 167 stale Cheerios, and that 2 month old lollipop that your sweet ones have neatly tucked between your seats and on the floor are a wretched stench!  Don’t be ashamed…it’s life.  Accept it!  De-stink it! De-stress!  Move on!

Where/How In The World Can I Use It?

I HATE conventional detergents and household cleaners/disinfecting sprays!  They are harmful, expensive, and, frankly, their “fragrance” is offensive to my nose…BLEH!  I like DIY Purify in my natural alternatives to these items!  I really love this in my Laundry Grind, in a spritz bottle w/ Warm Water and Witch Hazel as a surface cleaner, and on cotton balls in various places around the house to repel bugs & stink.  I’ve also used it to clean the HVAC Coils and filter in our home along with adding it to baking soda for carpet deodorizing!  And I know from reading that you can use it for repelling mosquitoes, Cleaning a skunked dog (DO NOT use on cats because of the Melaleuca), and for earaches!  Such a versatile blend!  Who knew?  Want a more comprehensive list? CAMP WANDER!  Find the Posts [H E R E] & {H E R E} & (H E R E)!

DIY Purify


White Fir: With traditional uses for tense muscles, fever, chills, coughs, and aiding with the bodies natural defense system, this woodsy, aromatic Essential Oil makes a fantastic base for this blend!
Lemon: This Essential Oil is known for it’s Anti Anemic, Antibacterial, Antibiotic,  Anti Microbial, AntiRheumatic, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Astringent, Carminative, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Disinfectant, and Insecticidal properties.
Lime: Historically, Lime essential oil has been used to help cool fevers & help the immune system fight off sore throats, colds, flu, coughs and asthma. It also has traditional uses in helping with depression and an exhausted mind when used aromatically. Lime may be used topically to help with poor circulation, obesity, cellulite and as a toning agent to clear oily skin and acne.
Citronella: From insects to detox to disinfecting, this tart, earthy EO rounds out the Citrus notes in this blend and aids in germ elimination.
Melaleuca: A key ingredient in soaps, creams, lotions, and disinfectants throughout the world, this Australian beauty is a bacterial butt kicker with properties that include Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Fungicide, Insecticide and Stimulant. Historically, Melaleuca has been used for centuries to help the immune system; it acts as a stimulant and helps the body fight off disease, bacteria, infection, virus and illness.
Cilantro: Not just for cooking or flavoring Salsa, Cilantro has also been used in Chinese medicine for its digestive and antioxidant properties! I’ve also recently read it can be helpful as a component in a heavy metals detox: who knew?!

And just add 8-10 drops of good ole “Frank” (Frankincense) to the mixture and use a few drops of the mixture in the diffuser, a spray bottle w/ warm water, or wherever!  Simple, safe, effective!

As Always, I Tell you: Go at YOUR pace, comfort level, and EDUCATE yourself!  Don’t take my word for it…do your OWN research and decide what’s best for you and yours!

Love Wholly, Speak Softly, Eat Yummily, Laugh Heartily, Hug STRONGLY, and be comfortable with being YOU!



Irish Blessing

From my family to yours, a very safe, Happy Thanksgiving!  May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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